Monica Khan

Founder & president

After graduating from university in 2012 with a background in Neuroscience and also a strong emphasis on Women's Studies, I have become committed to non-profit causes ever since. I have previously served in strategic roles regarding community outreach and public policy. Prior to the founding of this organization I served as a director in non-profit organizations aimed at community education and awareness. From there I learned the skills required to launch a more ambitious project in my home country. Since 2014 I have aimed to help the people of Bangladesh the opportunities and rights available to them.


Sharif Hasan

Executive director

Since 2009, I have been involved in the non-profit sector within Bangladesh. I have a background in business analytics which has become invaluable in how I execute my duties in various organizations. I have been apart of some of the most influential organizations over the past few years. Including but not limited to causes supporting free children vaccinations, mental health amongst children, and extended academic programs designed to increase child aptitude. I am thrilled to be apart of this organization, and continue to use my experience to effectively lead research divisions and recruiting divisions in this foundation.