Our Partners

Our work couldn't be possible without the help of some amazing partners who also seek to to give voices to the forgotten. We owe them immense gratitude and encourage people to explore their own non-profit initiatives.


SK Investment Group

Through this strategic partnership we have been able to secure vital resources such as funding to continue our mission. SKIG has provided us with immense support over the years. This partnership is the bedrock for the achievements we set out to accomplish going forward. Together we hope to launch new social initiatives designed to create a more sustainable Bangladesh. Programs such as student scholarships or greater hiring of women in the finance industry is of specific interest for both our organizations. We hope to continue this relationship and the initiatives along with it.


Bangladesh Law Index

We have partnered with this start up in Bangladesh to boost our own research and logistics information. This strategic partnership allows us to seamlessly collect and analyze various law data within Bangladesh. It also expedites how we research various law precedents established in other cases. The index archives law data and allows them to be searchable. This framework is vital for current and future operations of our organization.