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How we work

educate families

Our initial goal, and still perhaps the most vital one is to educate families regarding the rights and opportunities available to them. We believe being proactive instead of reactive is the most efficient solution. This will allow us to also expand our volunteer base to include non-specialized fields. This is currently the most utilized aspect of our foundation. We hope to teach families on how to avoid exploitation and solve their vulnerabilities. The two most common impact solutions we focus on is spousal and child rights at the moment. Married women in Bangladesh are still under the belief they are not entitled to family funds and properties. We make it a point to educate them on their rights, and also how to properly take actions in the case of domestic abuse. The other issue we are heavily focused on is the prevention of child labor in urban areas. We try to educate families on not only the practical benefits of maintaining children enrollment, but also assistance programs. Furthermore we consult them on how scholarships may work for various schools in the area. So far we believe we have been immensely impactful in this area. We have seen upticks in both spousal and children rights' awareness. We have also seen a considerable amount of follow ups from families either thanking us or willing to discuss options going forward. Proactive canvassing is still in the forefront of our mission and impact.

research options

We realize that impact does not only come from face-to-face consultations. The need for a diversified approach to have impact is crucial in our overall success. Research and advocation of public policy is key to our goals. By having volunteers learn new issues and their legal precedence, we are able to expand our repertoire. Research also manifests in other important ways for us to make an impact. We rely heavily on volunteers to research surveying and analyzing demographics. We also make it a priority to expand outreach on mediums outside of traditional physical contact. Digital media outreach has helped us gain new partnerships and funding and has dramatically improved our impact.


Extended consultancy & Representation

This is considered not only our most ambitious program but also potentially our most impactful. Our inevitable goal is to have a large network of lawyers that are willing to offer their services at no cost. While this goal is at its infancy, it has provided some tangible benefits already. We have seen great demand for a concept such as this. Currently we have roughly 60 lawyers who have partnered with us, but that number is rapidly increasing. Our goal is to have professional legal minds guide us on new insights and offer representation. The impact is already present in regards to how we educate our canvassing volunteeers on how to conduct outreach with the local community.


“Empower Bangladesh has been doing a phenomenal job serving the people of Bangladesh. ”

Time New York Magazine  |  june 2017


An update on our progress, and what we hope to achieve going forward.

Lawyers Apart of our Team


2014 - 2017, impact in numbers

YEAR by YEAR Statistics

The following highlights the increase in domestic violence complaints in neighborhoods we have canvassed in. We believe that due to either social stigma or perhaps a fear of injustice, crimes were underreported. This is a cumulative tally in neighborhoods we frequently service.


Domestic Violence Complaints

Collected from small sample in certain neighborhoods

The second graph highlights our efforts in educating families on student enrollment within schools and how to receive government subsidies encouraging student education.

Student Populations

Collected from a select number of schools and classes

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